ceClub: RISC-V - Why a new CPU Architecture?

Oded Lempel (Mellanox Technologies)
Wednesday, 23.5.2018, 11:30
EE Meyer Building 861

Who needs a new Instruction Set Architecture (ISA)? Architectures have reached some unspoken Truce through Markets Segment dominance (IA64 - PC and Server market, ARM - Mobile market). IA and ARM have ruled the PC/Server and Mobile markets, respectively, for years and have prevailed aggressive competitive assaults Some Markets are still pursuing a standard (ARM and Various DSPs - IoT market, GPGPU (Nvidia) and TPU (Google) - IA/ML applications) IoT and IA/ML segments have not yet matured and no standard has been established. They are attracting a lot of innovation that may yield a dominant standard architecture. Where is there room for a new ISA? What would lead the industry and market to move to a new market? We will focus on RISC-V, what it brings that is not available in existing Architectures, in which markets is this enough to create an Architecture change.

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