CS Students Win 2nd Place in SoCG-SHOP Contest

CS Students Win 2nd Place in SoCG-SHOP ContestCongratulations to CS students Gil Ben-Shachar (project supervisor), Or Ben-Chail and Noa Goldberg, who came in second and seventh place in the NP-Complete Problem Solving Competition at the SoCG Conference - the world's leading conference on computational geometry: The second place among the student teams and the seventh among groups including also faculty members.

The project was carried out by the research group of Professor Gill Barequet and the purpose of the competition is to solve as efficiently as possible a huge collection of instances (from small to very large) of a problem known as an NP-Complete problem. This year, the competition dealt with the following problem: Given a set of points in the plane, find the plane graph (containing straight edges) defined on these points, all of whose faces are convex, with the minimum number of faces.

Well done to Gil, Or, Noa and Gill!

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