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Selected publications
  • Christopher Barton, Arie Tal, Bob Blainey and José Nelson Amaral.
    Generalized Index-Set Splitting.
    In CC'05, 106-120, 2005 [bibtex]
  • Alain Azagury, Germán S. Goldszmidt, Yair Koren, Benny Rochwerger and Arie Tal.
    Khnum - A Scalable Rapid Application Deployment System for Dynamic Hosting Infrastructures.
    In Integrated Network Management'03, 307-320, 2003 [bibtex]
  • Guansong Zhang, Francisco Martínez, Arie Tal and Bob Blainey.
    Busy-Wait Barrier Synchronization Using Distributed Counters with Local Sensor.
    In WOMPAT'03, 84-98, 2003 [bibtex]